Black Desert Online – First Beta Live!


If you’re looking forward to Black Desert Online you’d be happy to know that the first closed beta test of the game just went live!

The game first became known in the west because of it’s AMAZING character creation which is still one of the big talking points.

If you aren’t too sure what BDO is about just yet, it is a beautiful sandbox MMORPG that allows people to not only become the hero of the world with skill-based combat. But also to own a farm/house, go fishing, hunting and train their alchemy. The game is also fully controller supported, for the people who want to sit back and enjoy their MMORPG.



If you’re interested in playing right now, you can get instant access if you buy the highest pre-order pack for 99,99€ or your regional equivelant on their website. With the 49,99€ pack granting guaranteed access to the 2nd beta!
To check out the pre-order packages, click here.

For anyone wanting to first see what’s happening we suggest checking out the Twitch streams of the game!

You can also sign-up on their website for a chance to get a free beta-key.

Also, for the people wanting to see the character creation again;


I’ve been playing games as long as I can remember, I’ve practically grown up on free-to-play games starting with games like the now 14+ year old RuneScape. I make it my job to try out every single free-to-play title out there, always looking for that gem in the rough! I’ve been wanting to make content for years, but never had the computer to do so. When I finally did start, I made a Tera First Look video which has received over 950k views on YouTube (audio sadly bugged after YouTube reformatting). Not much has changed, I still have that itch to try out every single game, the only thing different is that I’m now here and WILL tell you what is good, bad and ugly about the games coming out and the industry as a whole. I do not shy away from putting my opinion out there even if that might not align with everyone. :)

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