Devilian Server Hiccups


Players of the just launched title Devilian found themselves in a game without any server issues… or so it seemed.

During the first 2 days of the launch of the game there were no problems, not even queues to hold up players. Trion added server capacity whenever it started getting too crowded to facilitate all the players. Because of this nobody had any issues… or so it seemed.

During Saturday it slowly became clear that the servers weren’t doing too hot. The European “Seadrift” server had some weird issue with nobody receiving any mails for most of the day. When a “simple” server restart was called upon, everyone thought that it would be the end of their non-mail receiving troubles.

Sadly this was not the case. Instead nearly EVERY player on Seadrift lost items and xp. Some players report losing the days worth of progress item-wise and “a bit of xp”, usually a level or 2. But for some players it was worse… they logged into the game completely naked.

Well… this is awkward.

Trion is currently working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. They are also going to assemble a compensation package for everyone on Seadrift. (Trion Forums link)

As a precaution Trion has also decided to significantly lower server capacity on all other servers. Resulting in terrifyingly large queues during US Prime-time. The Asperon (US) server is now even offline as a precaution.

Ah great, just 26,5 hours until I can play again!

The seemingly great launch… ended up being less than perfect after all.

Let’s hope the issues will be resolved soon, for people wanting the latest Devilian info I advice staying tuned to @DevilianGame on Twitter.


As someone personally effected by this on Seadrift, losing about 6 hours of item progress and 1M~ of experience, I must say that it’s a very strange situation. It also seems that at this point in time Trion is unable to just “simply” revert to the correct point in time. Like it doesn’t exist on any of their servers.

In my personal opinion 6 hours of time is just that… some time that I played and sadly I lost some decent hours. But it seems like some people on the internet in the official topic seem to pretend losing their level 35 set of gear is the end of the world. Incovenient yes, worth yelling and throwing a tantrum over? Not really.

The people who are affected in a way of losing items they’ve bought in the Micro-transaction store / Starter packs I 100% understand. I advice those people to contact the Trion customer support, they seem to fairly swiftly handle those cases since they involve purchases.

Let’s hope for a speedy server recovery. – If new info surfaces later today I’ll post an update.



Every player affected should have received their more valuable items again. (Forum Post)

  • Level appropriate gear Tokens have been issued to players impacted on Seadrift.
  • 25% XP Boosts have been applied to the Seadrift server as a whole, this will apply to the server for the entire weekend.
  • Marketplace items consumed within the window have been re-issued. Players will need to log out to get their items.
  • 4 & 5 star Talismans that were gained during this period have been re-issued.
  • Lv. 51/52 Heroic end game gear gained during this period has been re-issued

There are also 2 small compensation packages available;

Compensation Issued – Level 49 and Below

  • Players have been granted 5 Enigma Boxes and 5 Enigma Keys on these characters.
  • 100 Archgemstones have also been issued to these characters.

Compensation Issued – Level 50+

  • 5 Blue Enigma Boxes and 10 Enigma Keys have been issued.
  • 5 Ael’s Tear Supply Crates have been issued.
  • 100 Archgemstones have also been issued to these characters.


I’ve been playing games as long as I can remember, I’ve practically grown up on free-to-play games starting with games like the now 14+ year old RuneScape. I make it my job to try out every single free-to-play title out there, always looking for that gem in the rough! I’ve been wanting to make content for years, but never had the computer to do so. When I finally did start, I made a Tera First Look video which has received over 950k views on YouTube (audio sadly bugged after YouTube reformatting). Not much has changed, I still have that itch to try out every single game, the only thing different is that I’m now here and WILL tell you what is good, bad and ugly about the games coming out and the industry as a whole. I do not shy away from putting my opinion out there even if that might not align with everyone. :)


  1. >>In my personal opinion 6 hours of time is just that… some time that I played and sadly I lost some decent hours.

    Looks like you do not value your life. Throwing away 6 hours of life without any complains. GG.


    • Well, I enjoyed those 6 hours while playing them. Losing some progress doesn’t matter too much to me since I had fun running the dungeons.

      I know doing something for fun is rare thing now-a-days!


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